Sumatra Aceh Gayo Natural G1

Sumatra Aceh Gayo Natural G1

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Sumatra Aceh Gayo Natural G1

Altitude: 1400 masl

Process: Natural, Sundried

Varieties: Abyssinia, Gayo 1, Ateng, TIm Tim

Flavour Notes: Red Fruit, Banana, Dark Chocolate

340g or 2.27kg



The Gayo Arabika Mahkota Indonesia (GARMINDO) cooperative represents 760 members farming small plots of land around 1.5 ha. on average, tucked into the dense tropical forests of the Northern Gayo Mountains. Rural farms in Indonesia are often so small and scattered, they resemble more unnamed gardens tended to by their owners. 
Established in 2008, GARMINDO was formed by a producer referred to as Sakdan, who owns and operates Bergandal Farm and Mill, which also serves as a collection point for the coffees grown by neighbors. Sakdan and his brothers are the children of coffee producers and, as long-time supporters of their fellow farmers, are dedicated to developing community and sharing resources. Sakdan’s wet-hulling machine, first installed in the 1970s, is believed to be one of the oldest still operating in Sumatra and is even powered by its original Mitsubishi truck engine (an echo of the Japanese influence that introduced Sumatra to the Giling Basah process nearly 50 years ago).  

The fresh red cherry handpicked for this lot is floated for ripeness before washing. After washing, cherry is fermented in an airtight container for 24-72 hours, and then washed again (or soaked) to remove mucilage. The washed coffee is laid out to sun dry until a moisture content of 13% is reached. Afterwards, coffee is hulled, graded, and then hand sorted for quality control. 

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